Mirror Pond Pale Ale Clone Recipe Kit

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This Recipe contains all the consumables you require to make the Mirror pond pale ale. You do not need to worry about what to buy and when to add. This ingredient kit comes with a printed recipe and complete steps from heating water to bottling day.


Kit includes 

  • All grains are crushed before shipping and sealed.
  • 4 Kg 2 row malted barley.
  • 680 gms crystal malt 100 EBC.
  • 400 gms crystal malt 60EBC
  • 30 gm cascade hops to be added when 60 mins left in the boil.
  • 30 gm cascade hops to be added when 15 mins are left in the boil.
  • 1 nos Whirlfloc tablet (Irish Moss) to be added when 15 mins left in the boil.
  • 1 pack wlp 005 british ale yeast / safale US 05 (Just sprinkle into wort at pitching temperature)
  • Cost Per Pint of beer

    This Recipe should make approx 19 liters of beer. The ingredients cost 1899 for grains & 499 for the yeast which sums to Rs2398 . Cost of each pint of craft beer = 19/.33 = 57 pints. less wastage = 56 pints.

    2398/56= Rs 43/pint of unadulterated , chemical free, preservative free craft beer. Cost of similar craft beer in the market is about Rs 150 depending on the region.





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