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MyBrewery is a one stop HomeBrew store, supplying beer lovers with the ideal all-in-one equipment and accessories that they need to start making organic craft beer.


How did MyBrewery start?

Having traveled and lived in various parts of Europe and south-east Asia, we have had the chance of tasting various different kinds of craft beers in big and small breweries and pubs. We heard about home brewing a few years ago, and yet never got a chance to try it. During our short stay in Singapore, we happened to go finally get our beer brewing equipment, hops, grains and started our first brew-in-a-bag "Sierra Nevada Pale Ale".

After a tiring 10 hour brewing day, a very sugary sticky kitchen floor and 4 exhausted people, we knew there had to be a better way of doing this. Thinking about all the challenges we faced during our brewing, from holding the thermometer throughout to transferring it to a separate fermenter, we decided to get our own customized all-in-one brewing equipment manufactured.

Now, we take exactly 3 hours, minus the sweat and the sticky kitchen floor!

This is how MyBrewery was born!

About mybrewery
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