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Check out our detailed Master Brewer tutorial in the video shown below.

For a shorter version, please watch this video

Happy Brewing!


Wash the equipment thoroughly with water and soap before 1st use. Fill water approx 18 liters so as to submerge the thermometer probe. Check ball valve/ thermometer for any leaks. In case you see some leak just tighten the ball valve/thermometer which will arrest the leak. The below steps are indicative only, follow your recipe instructions for


Step 1 - Mashing

  • Fill the equipment with approx 18 liters of water(follow your recipe instructions) and place it on the gas stove/hotplate and wait till the desired temperature is reached. The temperature is always mentioned in the recipe. Insert the grain basket/ nylon basket and stir the malted grains in. Close the Lid and let it rest for 60 mins. At regular intervals check the temperature in the thermometer and turn the gas on if required for 10-15 seconds to raise the temperature to desired.

  • After 60 mins remove the grain basket and sprinkle hot water over the grains so as to rinse the extra sugars that may be coating the grains. This method is called sparging. However this step is optional and helps to increase the efficiency. Remove the basket and discard the grains.


Step 2 - Boiling

  • In this step the liquid collected called WORT is boiled for 60 to 90 mins based on the recipe of the beer. After collecting the wort add water to it to reach the desired volume as per the recipe and start the boil. Begin the time once the liquid starts boiling or bubbling. At regular intervals add hops as stated in the recipe.

  • Once the 60-90 min boiling is finished the important activity is to crash cool the wort to below 25℃ so that no bacteria could infect the wort. Crash cooling is done by various methods such as:

a) Ice bath – equipment is kept in the sink filled with water and ice.

b) Adding Ice made with boiled water to the wort

c) Using a Copper wort chiller wherein the cold water is passed through the copper pipe and heat exchange takes place.

  • From the point the gas/heat is turned off anything that touches the wort or insides of the equipment needs to be sanitized using Iodophor/Starsan etc.


Step 3 - Fermentation and bottling

  • Now that the wort has cooled down, using a sanitized long spoon to stir the wort vigorously for a few mins to oxygenate it. Cut the yeast packet using sanitized scissors and sprinkle on top of wort. Wipe the insides of the lid with the sanitizer, fix the sanitized silicon gasket, close the lid and clamp it. Fix the sanitized bung and airlock(use sanitizer/vodka to fill airlock)  on the lid and its DONE.

  • Let the fermentation happen, most of the times the fermentation would finish in 4-7 days. But if you are new to brewing we recommend you let it ferment for 2 weeks and then bottle it.

  • For bottling , sanitize the bottles and fill them through the ball valve tilting them so as to create minimum turbulence. Add the carbonation sugar (priming sugar) to the bottles using the measuring spoon provided. Each recipe will tell you exactly how much priming sugar to be added to the bottles. Carbonation in the bottles usually happens in under 3-4 days, but if you have the patience leave it for a week. After a week, chill the beer and Enjoy!!

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