Master Brewer (Free Brewing Basket worth Rs 2799 on Preorder)

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This is the all in one beer brewing equipment. No need for seperate kettles, fermentors, sparging buckets etc. We have combined everything into one. 

It boils, mashes and also turns into a fermentation bucket with our specially designed silicon gasket and racking arm. And on bottling day just use the tap provided with a dip tube inside to fill bottles and enjoy!!

  • Offer and Specifications:-

    Special Offer for PreOrder: Get free brewing basket worth Rs2799/- and hop nylon basket worth Rs349/- absolutely free on PreOrder of Master Brewer. No need to use any code.

    The Master Brewer comes with

    1) 1 main Kettle fermentor with sealable lid and clamps.

    2) Detachable stainless steel ball valve.

    3) Detachable stainless steel thermometer to monitor live temperature.

    4) Airlock to block any bacteria from entering the beer but allow escape of carbon dioxide.

    5) Bung to create a seal between the airlock and the lid.

    6) Removable food grade silicon gasket. 

    7) Removable Dip tube/racking arm that will assist in bottling and leave the trube behind.

    8) Stainless steel bulkhead with food grade silicon O rings/teflon visors that assists the connection of the ball valve with the diptube.

    9) Volume measuring scale for checking volume of wort. The scale can be removed out of the equipment when not in use for easier cleaning.


    Total volume - 36 liters

    Recommended beer fermentation - 19Liters to 25Liters.

    Size -Thickness 1.2mm diameter 340mm, height - 400mm

    Material - Stainless Steel

    Other accessories -

    1/2 inch stainless steel ball valve (food grade)

    2.5inch dual scale thermometer, stainless steel (food grade)

    Silicon gasket - food grade

    airlock and bung. 


    Incase of any manufacturing defects we will replace the product free of cost.


    Usually delivered within 3-5 working days after dispatch. Not applicable on preorder. 

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Free mashing basket & Nylon Hop basket
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