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Grain Basket/Mashing Basket

Grain Basket/Mashing Basket

SKU: 201907E02

The basket will come free with the Master brewer on preorder as a goodwill to the initial customers that preorder. It will be sold seperately one the preorder offer ends.

Made to size for the MasterBrewer this grain basket makes brew day a breeze. Designed to mount on the edges of the kettle so as to drain off the wort without any need to hold it by hand. 

After mashing just invert the basket in a dustbin and rinse off with water.

Actual product will vary in look as it will be manufactured to size. The actual product will be a heavy duty filter basket designed to last years of use unlike other weak products that you find abroad.


  • Specifications:

    Material: Stainless Steel Mesh

    Mesh Size: 300 microns

    Diameter of Basket: 270mm

    Height of Basket: 350mm


    Incase of any manufacturing defects we will replace the product free of cost.


    Usually delivered within 3-5 working days.

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