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Floating thermometer

Floating thermometer

SKU: 2021THR01


This accurate, easy to read 10" thermometer is made to float upright directly in your wort, cuvee or mash at any temperature 0F to 220F /-20C to 100C.  You can use it in the mash or in the fermenter.  Not really recommended for boiling.  This weighted glass tube bobs along just fine until you pull it out by the insulated top to take the readings. 

Comes in a sturdy plastic accordion case and not a flimsy throwaway tube to protect it during shipping and while in your drawer!  

The liquid is colored alcohol and the weight pellets are steel shots, so that if you break it in your brew it is just a matter of just siphoning off it and not tossing the whole batch!



Made of glass

Scale: 0º to 220º Fahrenheit or -20º to 100º Celsius

Thermometer body 9”

Overall length 10”

Outside diameter 3/4”

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