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Co2 Gas Regulator CGA - 320 INLET DUAL GAUGE

Co2 Gas Regulator CGA - 320 INLET DUAL GAUGE

SKU: 2021REG01

This CO2 Regulator allows you to know how much you still have in the tank and how much it`s letting out. 

This CO2 Beer Regulator is perfect for not only knowing how much CO2 is in the cylinder, but also the ease of setting the pressure with the control knob and how the knob can be locked in place after you set it to your desired pressure. 



1.Well made – This CO2 regulator features a durable chrome plated brass body ,lasts a long lifetime 

2.The CO2 regulator comes with a safety manual pressure release valve releases at 45 PSI

3.You can use this CO2 regulator to carbonate plain water to get super cheap seltzer/soda/carbonated water. 

4.The CO2 regulator does a great job holding a steady pressure, and pressure is easy to adjust with the knob with no tools needed. 

5.Slap this CO2 regulator on a food grade CO2 tank, connect a gas line ( ID 5/16'') and carbonator ,and you have a lot cheaper carbonated water than buying carbonated water bottles directly. 



Gauge Size : 2.2’’ 

Barb Size: 5/16’’ 

Body: Chrome plated brass

Tank Pressure Gauge:0-3000psi

Keg Pressure Gauge: output 0-60psi

Female Nut: for CGA-320 CO2 canister

ON/OFF Valve: flow control the gas

    ₹4,599.00 Regular Price
    ₹3,599.00Sale Price
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