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Bottle Filling Machine for Beverages MYBlt130

Bottle Filling Machine for Beverages MYBlt130


Liquid Filling Machine for beverages, kombucha filling machine, cold brew coffee filling machine, milk or any liquid less viscous than oil.


High precision filling

LED liquid crystal display

Precision steel frame adjusting bracket

Quick setup. Durable and easy to Use.

Foot switch interface


This bottle filler by MyBrewery is the latest addition to the line of equipments manufactured by us. The bottle filler is suitable for small to medium scale businesses that manufacture beverages like kombucha, cold brew coffee, kefir, or any liquid that is as viscous as oil or lesser. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical applications and also Acidic liquids. It is not suitable for paste filling or thick liquid filling.The capacity of the bottle filler is from 5ml to 3500ml. The anti drip nozzle is designed to minimise any drops while changing the bottles. The pipes are silicon and food grade. Suitable for no to low carbonated beverages.How to use:Press the red power button on; place your bottle under the filling nozzle, press setting to start filling, fill your bottle until the volume you need, press again the setting button, the filler will remember this filling range, then choose the auto or manual mode to start working.Function:Filling time: Adjust the pump working time, control the filling range. Waiting time: It's the time gap between the first filling and the second, it's only used for the filler is on Auto set. Counter: It will count the number of bottles filled.Filling speed: Adjust the filling speed.Setting:Press this button when the filler is on, then the filler will fill;fill your bottles until it is full/or to the volume you need, then press this button again so that the filler will remember the filling range, the filling range is set.Manual: Switch to manual mode and press the button "fixed point" and it will fill as long as you press the button.Auto: Switch to auto mode.

    ₹19,999.00 Regular Price
    ₹16,999.00Sale Price
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