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Belgian Wheat Beer Recipe Kit

Belgian Wheat Beer Recipe Kit

SKU: 201907R02

This Recipe contains all the consumables you require to make the Belgian Wit Beer.  You do not need to worry about what to buy and when to add. This ingredient kit comes with detailed recipe and complete steps from heating water to bottling day.


Recipe Kit contains 2 Row malt, Wheat malt, Dried orange peel for brewing, Whole brewing corriander seeds, Hops, Yeast and Priming sugar.

  • About the Belgian Wit Beer

    Witbier, white beer, bière blanche, or simply witte is a barley/wheat, top-fermented beer brewed mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands. It gets its name due to suspended yeast and wheat proteins which cause the beer to look hazy, or white, when cold.

PriceFrom ₹599.00
330 Milliliters
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