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Beer/Beverage Bottle filler SS counter pressure

Beer/Beverage Bottle filler SS counter pressure

SKU: 2021CPBF01


Type:Beer Tap de-foaming

Material : Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel 

Screw Thread:5/8''G


Usage:For filling bottles without the risk of oxidation and without loosing carbonation

Durable construction, Long lifetime

Easy to asemble and remove

Connect with G5/8 thread beer tap to use both as a dispenser and bottle filler



This tap is very good to use in your store or restaurant when people need to take your fresh beer/kombucha outside.

It assista in isobaric filling. 
The working process is :

1- Fill CO2 into bottle to discharge O2 from the bottle

2- Stop CO2 lever, Open beer/kombucha lever to start filling the bottle

3- Stop beer/kombucha lever when it can't fill anymore, open air discharge valve, discharge some air slowly and the bottle/growler will fill. 

4- Once required quantity of beverage is filled close the vale and seal the bottle. 


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