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Bazooka - 6 Inch in Stainless Steel

Bazooka - 6 Inch in Stainless Steel

SKU: 2021BAZ01

Product Descriptions:

This product screws directly inside a 1/2" female NPT coupler, to turn any pot into a mash tun, or used to filter out whole cone hops in the boil kettle. All stainless steel construction with a 1/2" Male NPT inlet to attach to a female 1/2" Coupler.

The 6’’ Kettle Screen is an all stainless steel mashing/boiling kettle screen.

Attach the boil screen to a weldless spigot and kettle.

And you have a great way to filter hops from entering your fermenter.

Features for 6 inch mesh filter

1-304 stainless steel mashing/boiling bazooka kettle screen.

2-Excellent to use for straining hops in a boil or in mash tun instead of a false bottom.

3-6 inch stainless steel mesh screen in length and 1 inch in diameter, get great results.

4-1/2 inch MPT fitting on one end to fit in brew kettle or any line of weld less ball valves.

Thread: 1/2" NPT

Diameter: 26mm

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