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5 Litre Continuous Kombucha Making Kit (Pro)

5 Litre Continuous Kombucha Making Kit (Pro)

Get a continuous supply of kombucha by just topping up with the brewed kombucha tea. 
This Large Capacity Kit is suitable for a House hold, Cafe, Bar or a Kombucha Brewing Company that prefers glass over Steel. The Glass is food grade and BPA free. 
The Premium Wide mouth Glass fermenter comes with a detachable tap and a Double Layer Muslin Cap with a premium elastic which will keep all the unwanted pests away. 
The kit also comes with lifting straps so that you can easily move the batch if required. 

The Total capacity of the fermenter is 6L and the recommended brewing volume is 5L. 

Our scoby's are first generation white scobys and as long as you keep adding the kombucha tea blend you will keep getting fresh kombucha continuously. 
All kits come with an instruction manual. 
The 6L wide mouth fermenter comes with an airlock lid and it can also be used for making craft beer, wine, mead, cider and also fermentation of vegetables. 


6L Wide Mouth Glass Fermenter 
Double layer Muslin cap with elastic 
Lifting Straps 
LED Thermometer
Air Lock Lid for Making Craft Beer/Wine/Cider/Mead/vegetable Fermentation
First Generation Scoby 
Kombucha Tea Blend
Organic Cane Sugar
Instruction Manual

    PriceFrom ₹3,799.00
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