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3 Litre Craft Beer Brewing Basic Kit

3 Litre Craft Beer Brewing Basic Kit

SKU: 202101GLKT01

This is a good entry level brewing kit for beginners who want to try their hands on craft beer brewing. The equipment from the kit can also be used to make wine, cider, mead etc. 

Included in the Craft Beer Making Kit

  • All-Grain Malt Mix
  • Hops 
  • Beer Brewing Yeast
  • Priming Sugar for Carbonation
  • Glass Fermentation Demijohn Jar
  • Led Thermometer
  • 10ml measuring Spoon and 30ml measuring cup
  • Siphon
  • Screw-cap Stopper
  • Airlock
  • Bung 

All the equipment in our Beer Making Kits is reusable. All you need for your next batch is another Beer Making Recipe Kit. 
A Sieve/Cheese Cloth and a 4-5 litre stock pot / utensil is additionally required and any such utensil from the home kitchen should suffice. 

    PriceFrom ₹3,499.00
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