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20L Beer Brewing Kit with 25L Siphonless Fermenter (Food Grade)

20L Beer Brewing Kit with 25L Siphonless Fermenter (Food Grade)

This is a great entry level kit to start your brewing journey at home. For years home brewers have used a similar type of kit. Using this kit keeps your inital investment low allowing you to brew multiple batches with just the addition of a fermenter. Adding an additional fermenter also helps in quicker bottling although not mandatory. 

Note: A Kettle or a deep vessle stock pot or any similar vessle which can handle 25-30L of liquid along with a kitchen thermometer is additionally required to boil and mash. 

1. 25L siphonless fermenter with built in airlock and grommet
2. Recipe kit of your choice (1 nos 19-20Litre Recipe kit is Included with this kit)
3. Bottle capper 
4. 60nos Crown caps
5. Iodophor sanitiser bottle
6. Nylon Mashing Basket
7. Nylon Hop Basket
6. Plastic Mashing paddle
8. Plastic Bottling wand
9. Led stickon thermometer

Add an additional 25L fermenter for bottling or making 2 batches at once 

    PriceFrom ₹9,999.00
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