Kombucha-Hibiscus Lime 500ml

Kombucha-Hibiscus Lime 500ml

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The Refresher | 500ml bottle

This hand-made elixir is a combination of tangy lime and fragrant hibiscus tea – oh so refreshing!

Besides tasting absolutely delicious, hibiscus tea helps in stabilising blood pressure; reducing harmful cholesterol levels; supporting the liver; preventing tumours and inflammation; curing menstrual pains; and reducing depressive symptoms. Hibiscus has also been used in traditional medicine for millennia as a remedy for high blood pressure and for its high level of anti-oxidants. 

Nutritional Values (per 100g)

Energy 22.76kcal
Carbohydrate 3.23g
Protein 0.65g
Fat 0.31g
Sugar 3.12g
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